Advanced Reflexology in Worthing

Hi I'm Debbie Stevens,
Did you know that I am the only Advanced Reflexologist in Worthing and my Wellbeing Events have grown into a multi-award winning company?

Customer service and high quality service are at the heart of my business.

Debbie Stevens Wellbeing Events was launched to meet the increasing demands from both corporate and private clients, offering a range of professionally organised and bespoke wellbeing and pampering events.

Our events are a great way to bring your workforce together as a team building day or as a well deserved 1-2-1 treatment.

Research shows that if you increase feelings of empathy and value amongst staff this will have a positive effect on the work force, promoting greater achievements and wellbeing throughout the company.
I am a passionate believer in the benefits of wellbeing to create the right work life balance.

Advanced Reflexology Workshop can be offered as a group workshop where the individual learns the origins of this therapy where techniques are demonstrated to the group to relieve stress and tension in the whole body.

This therapy works on the principles that the body systems are mapped out on the hands and feet. By applying gentle pressure to the areas on the hands or feet will reduce stress and tension in the whole body.

For example if you massage your little finger on your right hand you will reduce the tension in the right shoulder. Very simple and easy to use at anytime and anywhere.

The Advanced Reflexology workshop is ideal for people who work on a computer all day.

1-2-1 Advanced Reflexology treatment takes about an hour, it is very relaxing, reduces stress and tension and stimulates and the whole body. Leaving the individual feeling fully focused and recharged at the same time.

How amazing is that!

Have a look at my first video
Advanced Reflexology Workshop are priced on request.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this in more detail or would like to make a booking.

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