Take Some Time Out

Time Out For You – Your Way

We all need some time out …

I am hearing this a lot lately, – If only I had more time, I would… I need more time to …. I would like time out to …. OMG, if I had more time I would love to do this….

Where does the time actually go?  Does it just disappear with the missing socks and teaspoons?

Why does the clock sometimes go really fast and then really slowly?

Does time really fly when you’re having fun and go slow when you’re bored ?

Would it be difficult to slow everything down and to be in ‘that moment’ longer?

Do we have to be super heroes all the time, would it matter if we didn’t do that thing?

I have been trying really hard to change the speed in which I do things and it feels really good!

I know for sure taking time out has allowed me to make better life choices and I have saved money. Time out can be as easy as having a walk in the park, reading a good book, host one of our Girls Nights In or come to one of our Girls Night Out, or enjoying an Advanced Reflexology treatment.

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